Spiritual Healing

Our bodies are amazing, and complex things.  Everything we think, feel, eat, see, hear, and experience affects the state of our being.  We are beings of light, with our own unique energetic life force flowing through us.  When our energies are out of balance, our health and well-being is affected.

Spiritual Healing occurs when a Healer is able to channel the flow of light and energy into a patient in order to release and rebalance their energy and bring back a harmonious state of being where the body can heal itself.  Spiritual Healing often involves aspects of the psyche that are overlooked by the mainstream medical model.  Spiritual Healing allows the patient to reconnect with their higher self and find inner peace.

The Front Foot Forward Spiritual Healing Centre is located in Wyndham Vale, Victoria, with booking by appointment only.

To make an appointment call (03) 9741 4572 or email info@frontfootforward.com